10 Words to Describe My 2017

We all know how hard new beginnings can be so what I find helps is making a to do list for literally everything. Like seriously, the smallest most minute of tasks I write down and celebrate like hell when I accomplish it. For me 2016 was absolutely amazing, I got engaged to the woman of my wildest imagination, found my dream job (blogging of course, no shade higher education LOL), I became a college graduate, my mom got an iphone, and I was blessed with two perfectly adorable kittens! Now the only problem is that in 2017 I have to top all of that greatness.


*This is me slowly dying on the inside. Help me please, I am much too blessed.*


So what did I do in the wake of this great tragedy!? Ya damn skippy I wrote a list! I wrote down not what I hope or wish my 2017 to be, but what it WILL BE. I learned years ago that if you say “if” and “I hope” for everything that you’re not really investing into your future, you’re leaving to the world around you. Which can sometimes be a good thing for some people but I’m just not ready to put my fate, success, happiness, and talent into some shit that I don’t directly have a hand in making a reality. So I write that shit down every time and work for the glo up...not wait for it. So here’s exactly how ya girl’s 2017 will be in 10 simple words.



I have been saying for years now that I want to do more with my hair. I want to dye it, get one of those really expensive weaves, loc my hair and everything else. In 2017 I commit to seeing just how brave I am. I’ve loc’d my hair and so far I absolutely love. Although I am also absolutely terrified. I am committed to seeing this hairstyle through.



I’ve always wanted to be one of those super trendy girls who’s subscribed to really hippie and cool subscription boxes. So I’ve financially planned to be able to set aside $25 per month to make the dream of super cool hippie Haighlove true! $25 may not seem like a lot of money but with subscription boxes it can really stretch. I already have a list for boxes that has already peaked my interest and you can see it here. Let me know which ones you like the best and maybe I’ll try it out for you!



Yup stolen right from our #LivingYourTruthEveryday Challenge because I think it’s important to prioritize adventure and living life to the fullest. I fully intend to fill 2017 up with awesome trips around the States and abroad. I already have two trips planned and am going for the goal of 4 total trips for 2017, and let me tell you I will not be stopped!! I've also up the ante on date nights with the Wife, instead of the traditional dinner and the movies or bowling, we're going to be more adventurous and begin thinking outside of the box. Getting into more sporty date nights like rock climbing, race car driving, and zip lining, 2017 will be the year we beak out of our comfort zone. 



2016 for me was a great year to be selfish with myself, especially my time, because I had so many great excuses. First it was “I’m a newlywed, I married Trice because I really like hanging out with her.” then it was “I can’t go out tonight, I need to study so that I can actually graudate in May.” In 2017 I vow to my friends, family, and loved ones that I will make the effort to support them and most importantly make them feel that they are an active part in my life and vice versa. I am understanding more and more everyday that staying current in the lives of the people closest to you is so important for the preservation of your relationships. So girl trips, best friend days, and road trips with my road dogs are all on the menu in 2017!



Volunteering has always been a redeeming and prideful character trait of mine. I volunteered so much of my time as undergrad and after I graduated that volunteering was halted due to moving back and forth from city to city and honestly adjusting to working an actual 9-5; shit’s cray. So in 2017 I’ve made the ultimate pledge of helping young children who identify as LGBT+ in the Indianapolis area with the Indiana Youth Group. I cannot begin to express how freaking stoked I am!! I told Trice when we first began dating not to let me get involved with education and students because if one student out of thousands were to fall through the crack I wouldn’t know how to forgive myself, so this is our happy compromise! I have not yet received my exact assignment but the first step was reaching out and beginning the paperwork, which has all been taken care of! I’ll update you all when the assignment is delivered!!



I’ve heard great things about meditation. The benefits seems to be totally worth all the hours of seemingly awkward silence and random thoughts you have with yourself by yourself. So in 2017 I’m gonna give it a try. Now I am not saying that I will be meditating year round, I will be giving this meditation thing a shot. And I fully intend on bringing you all along because I just know that I’m going to need the moral support to keep pushing myself. My goal on this journey is to discover something new about myself to further identify and understand me.



This is to align myself in 2017. We’ve incorporated things like Meatless Mondays for our family in the new year to help maintain and clean our bodies. We’ve joined a fitness club for couples and I’m looking into a group fitness class once or twice a week to get my health aligned with the life that I believe is going to help me to prosper and flourish. Clarity is for focusing on my 2017 goals and not letting them discourage or overwhelm me with the immense amount of dedication it is going to take to complete them. I have faith.



As I am knowingly making these changes to myself it would be absolutely foolish of me to ignore them and not check in with myself to ensure that I still support who I am working to become. I intend to live unapologetically because I know that self acceptance is worth some much more than being accepted societally. So learning to be comfy cozy with the new me and I become her is so important I can’t stress it enough. Being unapologetic is not only for the outside world, it’s for myself too.



Being able to identify and change the behaviors, traits, habits, etc. that I think are detrimental to myself in 2017 is a goal that I am fully committed to. There are times when I don’t feel like proving myself or believing in myself or what I’m trying to accomplish so having an accountability buddy like my Wife is so necessary because she keeps me on my square. She keeps me in my lane and playing the hand that I have in order to elevate myself and my passion projects like this blog. Without accountability you don’t have the foundation for achieving goals. 2017 will be full of accountability for myself and the people I surround myself with.



As a kid I didn’t really have a lot of family traditions, it’s almost as if we prided ourselves on not having traditions, crazy I know. But one year we decided to do a seafood Christmas and it was awesome! I thought it was going to stick, but it didn’t. So for our first Christmas as a married couple Trice and I decided to restart the tradition. We made a seafood boil, shrimp mac n cheese, and delicious seafood hors devours. It was great! So in 2017 I welcome the thought and creation of new traditions for my new family.


I encourage you to write out your New Year and work to make it happen instead of waiting around for the universe to give it to you. What will you be writing down for 2017, I’d love to hear it!