I'm Coming Out of the Closet...Again

Today after being outed for having a secret relationship blog, totally not in a bad way just a loving and supportive ally who just happened to stumble upon our page, I’ve decided to come out of the closet…again. No not out of the “homosexual” closet but out of the “I’m a blogger too” closet if you will. This whole time, about two and a half weeks now, Trice, my ever so loving and understanding Wife, has been telling me to share our blog with people, especially my mentor, the oh so fabulous Aisha Herring, who is the founder and creator of many things but most notably The Strength of SHE, a female empowerment blog. I have been terrified for weeks to tell her I had also begun my own blog about my life as a young married black lesbian, but I couldn’t find the courage. I didn’t want her to think I was going against her, betraying her, or abandoning something, ya know? To me this is more of a “I Can Because of Her” type of thing. I would have never thought I had the know how, the dedication, the talent, or the openness to be challenged without first working with her on her vision. When I first began my blogging career I was nestled right underneath her wing; and I absolutely loved it! I loved the message we were creating together, I loved the late nights and the exigence of it all; but ultimately it wasn’t mine. Reaching graduation was a particularly tough time for me because of all of my commitments; being an RA, being VP of my sorority, being an Honor’s College student, and most importantly my newest role, being a Wife. I couldn’t balance it all and something had to go. It was tough and heartbreaking. It was devastating and empowering. It was the first time I had ever been let go of anything in my entire life. I sat and sang break up songs completely wasted for about five hours, don’t worry Whitney’s I Will Always Love You was played numerous times, while my poor Wife tried to pick me, my ego, my pride, and heart off of the floor. You see Aisha has this thing where she loves you and supports you over a cliff but will also let you know that she’s going to push you off of that cliff to make sure you can fly; even if it’s by yourself. So here’s to that push of faith. I’m glad you all are here to watch me soar as I begin on my journey of coming out of the Blogger’s Closet.

Aisha, know that if you are reading this I couldn't be any more happy of our relationship, shared memories and experiences. You have been and continue to be one of my inspirations, closest friend, and my forever mentor.

Over a cliff.