Just One?

I often advocate to my inner circle about the joys of shopping and dining alone, for me it’s one of the best combos out there! I love going to grab a new book or piece for my closet and then stopping at one my favorite restaurants for brunch or a late lunch.

My Wife and I don’t always want the same appetizer, menu item, or dessert so going alone gives me ALL the dining freedom I want! She is a low touch customer, while I am very much so a high maintenance customer. When I go alone I can be as specific and particular as I like! I can ask for my dessert first. I can ask for it be completely separated so it doesn’t touch. I can eat whatever appetizers I want without compromise. Like literally eating alone is where it’s at!

So my question is why is it so abnormal and uneasy for most regular folk, especially women, to go out and enjoy a meal alone?

If people say they’re most comfortable eating with friends rather than alone because people will look at them weird, my question is, “Do you and your friends go out in groups and stare at people eating alone?” Because in my experience and opinion it’s the complete opposite way around. It’s those party of one-ers that are staring down the entire restaurant.

I love people watching. I love food. And when I go out I can do both uninterrupted, for the most part. I don’t need a book with me to distract from remembering that I’m there alone. (Now sometimes I will take a book, but that’s because I also have an unadulterated love for literary gems from all genres.) But I’m primarily here to see why Rhonda, Denise, Sharon, and Angie have all congregated here on a Wednesday afternoon instead of Friday like they usually do. Maybe Rhonda husband Mikey is cheating again, and she called an emergency sister friend lunch to help her recover, kill him, or leave him! It's all so scandalous!!

People! Wake up! I’m telling you, dining alone is one of the most entertaining experiences out there! You learn so much about yourself, the people in your city, and maybe even some of your local followers!


Go and be brave in your city!!