9 Subscription Boxes to Check Out in 2017

In 2017 I vow to make the most of my year by empowering 10 Words to Describe My 2017 , one of which is to SUBSCRIBE, which to some may seem weird but to me seems like a super awesome adventure! I’ve given myself a $25 per month stipend towards subscription boxes and so far I’ve narrowed to these 9 choices by asking myself a couple of questions. “Which ones pertain to me?” “Are they helpful, useful, practical or trendy?” $25 may not seem like a lot but from this list alone I can do at least two per month! Let me know which ones you think I should try and I’ll keep you updated on the ones that I check off all 2017!

Subscription Boxes Black Lesbian Marriage Bloggers Jewelry

1. Rocksbox.

Rocksbox is a subscription based jewelry rental and shopping service. For $19 a month, you get three pieces of jewelry to wear on loan for as long as you like!  If you want to keep a piece they’ll charge your card on file and send you more jewelry per usual! It’s the perfect trendy subscription box for anyone looking to accessorize their inner Fashionista!


Subscription Boxes Black Lesbian Marriage Bloggers Beauty

2. Allure.

Allure is an editor-curated beauty box with beauty products from hair to makeup to skincare you name it, they’ve got you covered. For $15 a month, you get hand picked, deluxe sized beauty products from brands you already love and those you don’t know you love yet! This box is great for anyone interested in learning about beauty products or even those who’re trying to perfect and broaden their beauty regimen!


Subscription Boxes Black Lesbian Marriage Bloggers Mystery

3. Mini Mystery Box of Awesome.

Just as random as it sounds, it lives up to the name. This mini edition is a spinoff from the original mystery box that can be found on That Daily Deal, a site dedicated to providing the best deals on random items. For $9.99 a month you get a small box of random fun; it’s described as getting to open a surprise birthday gift every month, I don’t know about you but I’d love it if every month was my birthday!


Subscription Boxes Black Lesbian Marriage Bloggers Beauty

4. Birchbox.

Every month, you’ll receive a personalized box of five top-shelf beauty samples or grooming samples and an accessory. For $10 a month you get five beauty products to try out, you’ll never be sent the same product twice and shipping is free! There’s also a grooming box for men that’s $20, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Subscription Boxes Black Lesbian Marriage Bloggers Books Literature

5. Book of the Month.

BOTM is the one I am most looking forward to because reading is one of my many passions! For $10 you can subscribe to BOTM and enjoy the option to add on any additional book for another $10! The skinny on this subscription is a new book every month chosen by literary geniuses, I assume, who read the books and recommends a total of 5 for you to choose one from. They ask about the frequency in which you read and also which genre you like best.


Subscription Boxes Black Lesbian Marriage Bloggers Wine

6. Tasting Room.

While every other wine club of the month or random California wine club will send you whatever bottles they want, we only send you wines you'll love. It's simple: you taste wines first and buy second. You start by comparing wines in mini-bottles. You tell them which ones you like (and which you don’t) and they’ll customize the next selection based off of those preferences. The first shipment you get is 7 mini bottles of wine for $7.99, both red and white, to taste and rate. Once you choose the ones that you prefer you can then choose to join the 2,6, or 12 bottle club, which all vary in pricing.


Subscription Boxes Black Lesbian Marriage Bloggers Natural Hair Care Products

7. curlBOX.

This box is the truth for all natural hair cuties and those who aspire to be! With 4 or more full size hair care products, that unlike many of their competitors, are a part of a set. This is an easy way to try out a whole line of products for the very affordable price of $20 per month! You do have to sign up and I’m told they do run out of these magically moisturizing boxes, so if you want it sign up sooner rather than later!


Subscription Boxes Black Lesbian Marriage Bloggers Candy

8. Candy Club.

One of my favorites so far! Candy Club does indeed what it sounds like, a club for all candy lovers! You first start off by choosing your plan (the lowest being $19.99 each month for a full year’s subscription) next you take the candy quiz so they can get an idea of what your sweet tooth likes and finally it gets shipped to you! You’ll recieve three full sized buckets of candy and also a bonus splash of candy to taste as a sweet treat!



9. Universitee Box.

 This box in my opinion by far has the most profound impact on it's subscribers, their immediate community, and nationwide! You can choose from the college specific box, Universitee, or the high school related box, Varsitee. In each box you’ll get a t-shirt of course, a statement piece, an affirmation card, a beauty product, a school related supply item, a health conscious snack, and something to encourage self-development! They have a program, Possibilitees, where you can gift a box to a girl in need and also a form to fill out if you would like someone to gift you the box. If you pre-order you can grab the box for just $34.99, if you don’t pre-order you’ll be paying $44.99!

The great thing about all of these choices is that they have an easy cancellation process, so if I don’t like their product I can simply cancel and go on to the next one! Sounds like 2017 is already off to a great start!






So what boxes are you excited for me to try? Have you already tried on listed, if so tell me about your experience! Maybe I left off one that you think it awesome, tell me about it so I can try it out!