23 Years 23 Adventures

So 2017 is my Jordan Year. Yikes, am I 23 already!?

Most years I don’t make a big fuss about my birthday and this birthday will be no different. However this year will be absolutely LIT! Why you ask? Because instead of making my birthday, which is only one day, super special and all about me I’m going to make 2017 super special and all about me...experiencing new things! You all know I am a lover of lists...bullet points and color coordinated text in bold makes me happier than most humans I know, so I was all over making a Birthday Bucket List for my 23rd birthday! The only catch is the items have to be tangible and must be completed ON or BEFORE my 24th! And hereeeeee we gooooooo!


  1. Go see 23 movies by myself.

  2. Go on a road trip with Bae

  3. Audition for a show at a community theater

  4. Go to a concert

  5. Take a course in American Sign Language

  6. Do a salt float

  7. Build something with my hands

  8. Write a song

  9. Travel outside of the country

  10. Plan an event

  11. Ride in a hot air balloon

  12. Get a library card

  13. Read 23 books

  14. Make my Wife’s day absolutely MAGICAL

  15. Win an award

  16. Take dance lessons

  17. Ride on the Beer Bike

  18. Learn how to contour my face LOL

  19. Get a tattoo

  20. Wear a real flower crown

  21. Swim in the ocean

  22. Host an event

  23. Learn how to maintain and retwist my own hair


Whew now there’s a challenge! I’ll keep this going as a blog series so every time I cross one of these bad babies off of my list you’re one of the first peeps to know about it! I hope this bucket list enhances the experiences that I’ll have in 2017. I tried to include everything from self-care, being more active in my community, being a better spouse, and being adventurous to the list to make sure it’s well balanced. There’s so much more that I want to do with 2017 that wasn’t added to this list but know that there can never be too many lists made hahaha and that doing random acts of kindness are always on the list.


You too can create your own birthday bucket list challenge! I encourage you to take inventory of your life and ask yourself what do you want to experience in 2017, who do you want to be and how do you want to be!? Write it all down and anything that is remotely feasible add it to your bucket list and have a great time crossing those items off your list while also getting to know yourself, your loved ones, and the world! Happy exploring in 2017!