DWM: Guide for the Ultimate Staycation!


(stāˈkāSHn) noun: staycation; plural noun: staycations; noun: stay-cation; plural noun: stay-cations a vacation spent in one's home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.


Dude. We’re Married!: Guide to the Ultimate Staycation



Because we aren’t world travelers just yet we had to get pretty good at having fun locally around our city and even just around our home. Being a young married couple definitely has it’s financial perks but it also means that you’re not only paying off your student debt but also someone else’s student debt. True story, no lie. It’s real out here. We knew our marriage would be an absolute blast from the first day we decided to commit to one another. So when Trice first proposed a staycation to me back in 2014, I was all in! She has always been a spontaneous and giving partner so our first staycation, in my opinion, was tailored a lot more towards the things that I like more so than what she enjoyed. She had all of my favorite snacks and movies, the ultimate playlist, and enough pillows and blankets for a sleepover of 10! It was absolutely wonderful! Since then we’ve tweaked the process and added little bits of joys we both like.  Here’s our formula for the perfect Staycation!


Set A Budget.

The first staycation was wonderful but I’m almost certain it was more expensive than it had to be! By setting a budget you create an expectation to be financially responsible to your monthly budget. Here are some super easy cheap tidbits to save a few bucks: If you’re watching a series of movies like our Thanksgiving Harry Potter Marathon, instead of purchasing the entire physical copy, rent it! To own the complete Harry Potter series would’ve cost us around $60 bucks, instead we rented each movie for $4, saving around $28! Food is also a huge part of our staycation budget, like literally it’s 70% of it! Instead of going out and buying each meal or ordering in, run to a grocery store where you’re a rewards member and rack up on your favorite foods and snacks. I’m a long time rewards member at Marsh and our Thanksgiving HP staycation featured nachos, ice cream sandwiches, pizza, Snapple, sushi, spicy chicken strips...YOU NAMEEE IT! What was the total for this smorgasbord of delicious delectables you ask? About $110, but with my rewards card it was brought down to around $60 bucks!


Same Sex Couple Marriage Blog Foodie Staycation

Discuss Food.

The importance of food during a staycation is on the highest tiered level. Mainly because it’s most likely the most expensive but also because food is comforting for a lot of people, and your number one desire while planning a staycation is maintaining a cozy comfy environment! Food can be specific to give your staycation a nice theme to go along with any movies, games or activities that you’ve already planned. A Latin themed staycation would be awesome paired with Selena, a bachata dance lesson, and empanadas, which is an extremely versatile and easy dish to make! Cooking together can also be a great activity for you and staycay Bae to be active, interact, and if you’re really vibing 


Same Sex Couple Marriage Blog Staycation

Discuss Activities.

Talk about what you want to do in your staycation. Do you want to watch movies in bed all day with a break for brunch around 1? Or do you want to be more active and try out Cosmo’s 77 Sex Positions in 77 Daysin 24 hours? Whatever the case may be, you want to make sure that you and your staycation Bae are on the same page because there’s nothing worse than being the one all into the movie and having a horndog humping you leg or throwing hints at every sex scene! 


Discuss the Spread.

We’re big kids at heart so anytime we have a staycation we set up shop with all the pillows, blankets, and snuggies around the house! I cannot stress the importance of choosing the right fluffy stuff for what you’ve got planned. Sometimes we plan to make forts/tents so having an abundance of smaller and lighter covers are a must. You want to make sure all bedding are machine washable and has been cleaned in the days leading up to your staycay! 

My Wife typically gets an agenda detailing the budget, groceries we need to buy, activities we’ve discussed, how many and what kind of blankets and pillows we need. Sometimes it’ll have the times listed out, especially if there’s a TV special somewhere in the mix, to make sure we stay on track. Other times the agenda is a silly meme that says something along the lines of the best things never go as planned! Whatever decisions are made just make sure they’re fun for both parties, staycations are meant to be fun and relaxing! You don’t have to be as detailed as I am when it comes to planning your staycation, but it does help! I've created a template for you to just plug in your own staycation dets! We haven’t had a staycation where we journeyed out into the world just yet, but once we do we’ll give you some insight on that as well. But for now enjoy the perks of your safe place with staycay Bae!