Loc Journey: February- March

“Before you touch my locs make sure your hands and soul are clean”


This month’s loc journey was everything!!!! I played around with everything from hats to loc safe clips to wrapping my hair around itself to make an impromptu little ponytail! My hair has become so manageable and even more versatile than when I was loose and natural. I don’t feel as if I’m stuck in a hair versus time war anymore! This month was also filled with TONS of compliments for my hair. People asked me about my loc journey thus far and when I explained to them my reasonings for locing my hair they expressed interest in locing their hair! Now when people ask to touch my hair I’m not offended. Maybe it’s because I didn’t feel comfortable in my loose natural hair or that it felt like me but with this loc crown I immediately felt at home. I’ve been thinking about giving her a name but want to hold off to see how my hair expresses itself for a little while longer!


Here's this month's Hair Journey!

Likes: HATS HATS HAS!!!!! I’ve never looked good in fitted hats, baseball hats, hell ANY kind of hat but now...they’re totally my thing! It does look a tad bit more androgynous but haigh I don’t mind gender fluidity at all!

Dislikes: The rebellious spirit the back of my neck has. I have been noticing the bottom row of locs are growing upward and then curling to the right. I don’t know who told them that their creator is ok with that but I definitely not ok with it. Please come down and touch the nape of my neck again, I want hang time like yesterday! Also the retwist this month was a little brutal, who would've thought those little clips could get so hot! I literally felt as if they were burning through my scalp. 

Routine/Product Use: I am still rocking strong with essential oils for my retwist and witch hazel for my twice a week cleanses! Witch Hazel is also still being used as my after face wash toner to help with all of the new oil and sweat build up.

What’s New: Burning and irritated eyes from the natural oils and sweat. I’m in a kickboxing class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and when I tell you the sweat literally rolls from my scalp to my eyeballs...I am NOT kidding! Not to mention the oil it picks up on the way down,I literally feel like they’re racing down my forehead right into my eyes.

Favorite Style: Easy, the style I call Loc Pony. I take one loc and wrap it around a group of locs, typically in the front/middle section of my hair, and lay it to one side. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

Hair Crush: This month’s hair crush is @AshleyGScott the Founder of @CurlyinCollege. She’s been natural for at least three years and her locs are FLOURISHING!! Giving me life every time I see her and her loc journey is even more inspiring!