Loc Journey: January-February

"Inhale confidence, exhale self-doubt."


I’ve always been intrigued by locs. Up until now the only connection I had with locs was through the people I dated. For me locs showed a wild but nurturing side of people because it’s such a freeing yet meticulous expression of hair. I absolutely loved them! I knew that one day I would be brave enough to embark on the #loclife journey, but never did I think it would be so soon! I always said I wanted to loc my hair on my 25th birthday because at that point I knew had to have gained some kind of confidence. I guess that confidence came early because I loc’d my hair just days before my 23rd birthday! I couldn’t have been anymore happier with my decision! I felt carefree, earthy and well rested because I didn’t have to wake up everyday to tame my hair hahaha!!! But the good thing about this transition is that there doesn’t have to be a big chop!! I started comb twists that will eventually turn into traditional locs with all of the hair on my noggin!


Here’s the first month’s hair journey!

Likes: Hair kisses!!! They’re a thing and they’re the BEST thing!!! I also reallyyyy like fingers running across my parts, ESPECIALLY if it’s freshly retwisted! Not having to wake up an extra 20-30 minutes early to do something with my loose natural hair. #TheRealMVP

Dislikes: The look of a fresh retwist. It looks like it’s stuck to my head and my scalp is so prominent! The first night of my loc journey I didn’t even want to go out with my friends because I looked like my name was Slick Rick. #Losing!!!!

Routine/Product Use: My loctician began twisting my hair with essential oils so that my journey can be chemical free! I was instructed by my loctician to cleanse my hair twice a week with either apple cider vinegar (ACV), witch hazel, or Seabreeze. I chose to use Witch Hazel, because I like experimenting with new products but also because I know ACV irritates my scalp. Seabreeze is a chemical based cleanser and I want my loc journey to be as natural as can be!

What's New: PIMPLES!!!!! No one tells you that your face suffers tremendously due to the new oils that accumulate in your hair. I’ve always had really clear skin so when I began to notice not a few pimples but literal acne I began to panic...IMMEDIATELY. Talked with Trice and she let me know that anytime you see flare ups as bad as I had, my hair needed to be cleaned. So I added Witch Hazel to my daily skin care regime, literally works wonders!

Favorite Look: Definitely the natural deep side part my hair did. When my hair was initially twisted it fell to both sides but over the next 2-3 weeks it began to fall more to one side, which I didn’t mind one bit!

Hair Crush: Definitely @anneyb! She actually just celebrated her one year locversary on March 9, yes I’m a creeper #idgaf! She’s got a good year on me but her loc journey is so inspiring! And her pictures are too cute!


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