Working with my Wife

A recent leap of faith has me in a position to create the live of my dreams and could be more excited! Since I was little girl I’ve created and launch businesses and dreamed of the day when I can be my own boss. After years of hardworking in corporate America I’ve said my farewell to the world of business sales in exchange for freedom, flexibility and literally doing whatever I want.

Although this time can be filled with anxiety and doubt I’ve found a way to grow myself everyday. I’ve found events to attend, companies to partner with, had lunch with colleagues etc. In a matter of weeks I’d managed to successfully change the pace of my life, including my marriage. 

The hustle of the 9-5 has been removed from life and now I can have more meaningful interactions with my wife during the day. Instead of rushing downtown for a meeting on a Tuesday morning we can have breakfast at home, talk about what plans we have for the day and/or work from our home offices. Quality time with my wife while we both work on meaningful projects in our own creative space is a newfound luxury that I want for a lifetime. 

In our 6 months of working from home together we’ve not only worked on separate projects in a shared space we also have started working on business projects together and are working to launch our first company later this fall. 

Our relationship has already grown so much adding nightly business meetings to our date night calendar. Even in instances where we have opposing opinions we find a mutual way to resolve issues based on objective business reasoning. 

Right now so many things are changing in my life I’m excited to know that our marriage is evolving as well.